Moving A Big Hot Tub

Buyers may want to get rid of a hot tub that came with a home they bought, and sellers may want to take one with them to their next home. Is it safe to move a hot tub yourself, or should you enlist the help of a professional? Let’s get this job done safely and without blowing our budget. 

Steps to get started 

Determine if you’re moving the hot tub to be reused elsewhere or getting rid of it entirely before you start. The response has an impact on how you perform your duties. Keep in mind that a hot tub can weigh up to 6,000 pounds when full and 1,000 pounds when empty, depending on the size. If you’re transporting the tub intact from a backyard, measure any gates you’ll have to walk through to make sure it’ll match. Determine if a fence panel needs to be removed to make room for an opening. Check to see if you can get the tub past some railings if you’re lifting it from a deck enclosure. Is there some delicate landscaping you’ll have to navigate in order to get the tub to the truck? Take the appropriate time to plan a safe way to remove the tub, and if the path is too difficult for you, hire a professional. 

Taking on the burden on your own 

If you plan to move the tub yourself, make sure you have everything you’ll need first. 

You’ll need to hire or buy a large enough truck to transport the pool. To make sure your vehicle has enough space, measure the length, width, and depth of the tub. 

Request moving blankets and heavy-duty moving dollies from the truck rental company, and for that, can be the perfect solution. 

Obtain big flattened cardboard boards, three-quarter-inch plywood panels, and ratchet moving belts. 

Prepare hand tools such as a hammer and screwdrivers. 

Recruit at least four burly pals to assist you with lifting and moving the hot tub. 

The initial measures 

Before you begin, plan the path that will meet the fewest obstacles. 

Then, at the breaker box, switch off the power to the pump system. If there’s a disconnect panel by the shower, make sure it’s turned off as well. Before you make any further step, make sure you’ve turned off the hot tub’s strength. Disconnect the wiring from the tub’s pump after completing these steps. 

Remove the water

Make sure to drain the hot tub into the nearest sewage drain port on your property with a garden hose. Disconnect the water supply. If you plan to hold the shower, scrub it inside and out with a disinfectant cleaner after it has been drained. 

Loading and lifting 

Then, when the muscular recruits raise the hot tub by each corner, have someone slip the plywood sheets underneath it. Then roll the furniture dollies underneath one side at a time, lifting one side at a time. To protect and stabilize the load, use the ratcheting straps. Follow your intended path to the truck with support from all sides and roll the tub up the loading ramp. Secure the hot tub once it’s in place to prevent it from moving. To keep the tub from scratching the interior of the truck, use cardboard sheets and furniture blankets on the sides. 

If the hot tub can’t be saved

It is easier to dispose of the hot tub rather than relocate it. After disconnecting all electrical links, draining the pool, and disconnecting its plumbing, split the tub into multiple 50-pound pieces with a reciprocating saw. Wear protective goggles and a breathing mask at all times. Then transport the chunks to the landfill. 

When is it appropriate to employ a professional? 

Find a skilled hauler online or through a hot tub dealer if you don’t have the expertise or skills for any part of the job, particularly the electrical and plumbing disconnects. If the removal route is clogged with obstacles, you can also employ a professional who can lift the tub with a crane.